Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hello Expense Change Log

  v2.4.0 2010-10-10: New view menu, fix QIF decimal, better calculator, faster rendering, usability update.
  v2.3.0 2010-10-01: Backup/restore, QIF export, performance update.
  v2.2.0 2010-09-28: Multi-currency and mileage support. Sticky category selection. Usability update.
  v2.1.1 2010-09-21 Usability update
  v2.1.0 2010-09-17 Group by category and month
  v2.0.0 2010-08-17  Customizable currency format, usability fix.
  v1.9.1 2010-06-28  Fix month segment subtitle
  v1.8.0 2010-06-25  Segment by day
  v1.8.11 2010-04-30 Enhanced sticky purgeable button user experience.
  v1.8.10 2010-04-02 Sticky purgeable button. Category usability improvement.
  v1.8.9 2010-04-01  Layout changes, add 00, tax- button.
  v1.8.8 2010-03-04  Menu shuffling, usability update.
  v1.8.7 2010-03-24  Fix DST problem
  v1.8.6 2010-03-18  Add scrollview to main layout
  v1.8.5 2010-03-10  Calculator update
  v1.8.4 2010-03-02  Bug fix
  v1.8.3 2010-03-01  Add segment by month
  v1.8.2 2010-02-09  Fix locale issue in segment by week activity
  v1.8.1 2010-02-09  Add donation button
  v1.8.0 2010-02-08  Removes categories with no item in the expandable view.  Adds segment by week.
  v1.7.0 2010-01-29  Remove orientation limitation.  Calculator.  Sign button.
  v1.6.3 2010-01-11  Downgrade minSdkversion from 4 to 3
  v1.6.2 2010-01-11  Allow 140 char for memo
  v1.6.1 2009-12-23  Add enter key handler
  v1.6.0 2009-12-21  Add negative sign
  v1.5.3 2009-12-18  Minor fix, zipalign app
  v1.5.2 Add year/month/day format
  v1.5.1 Expand memo to 30 char.
  v1.5.0 Display category total while entering expense.  Image icon for save and delete button.
  v1.4.0 Send expenses as email attachment
  v1.3.0 Memo auto complete
  v1.2.0 Minor UI touchup
  v1.1.0 Add localization settings
  v1.0.0 Initial version

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hello Expense is improving

I have been adding a few features to Hello Expense since my last post. A few notable ones are the calculator, segment by date, and negative entry that many users have requested. I personally also needed these feature so I implement them ahead of others. A couple of users actually sent me very detail analysis and requirements of a professional business expense tracker app that does not exist in today's Android Market. All of them make sense. But because I only work on the app on weekends and late nights, it will take me a while to get there.

A couple things that I am considering to do are mileage, multi-currency, and multi-account support, and add some graphs. I have to decide which ones to work on first, and how they affect the UI layout and flow. It is challenging to add features while maintaining good usability.